Colorful Photography

The idea behind all forms of art is self-expression. Perhaps you are having a dark day where you are feeling kind of down and you choose to use paint or photographs to express yourself. This may mean that your photographs are black and white or other darkened colors. On other days, you may be feeling bold and colorful. The only way to achieve this is to search for ways to give your pictures the most color you can. Luckily, this is easy enough to do. Do you know how to take colorful photos of the things and the world around you?

Simply Colorful

The easiest way to get color is to put color in front of your camera lens. You can do this using a variety of colorful crayons or colored pencils, but you can also do it in other ways that will be equally as easy to do. You simply have to find the colors that look great together and the right lighting to give it life. It may be crayons, hair bows, chairs, glitter colors, or any type of glass or metal that will catch colors and give them new life.

Oily Water Drops

Water drops are fascinating. They combination of water being poured into a tub or anything is amazing to water. More so if you have a little food coloring, lighting, and oil mixed in. If you are able to capture it on film, you will have something that is truly one of a kind and depending on the colors that you are using; truly unique in every way. This works best if you have a large bowl or even a fish tank that you can pour colored water into. You may also want to color the water that in being held to give you even more of a contrast or use other techniques to change the way it will look.

Nature’s Beautiful Colors

If you prefer to not set the stage for your colorful photography, you can always take a natural approach to it. A field of flowers, a beach scene, a sunrise or sunset, and any number of other things can be stunning when captured in a photograph. You will be making the most of nature’s beauty by attempting to capture these shots. The problem is, everything will be dependent on the natural lighting that nature provides you with as well and that beautiful moment may be gone before you can take another shot of it. This means that you may have to work at capturing the photo that will make it all worthwhile, but eventually you will get it the way that you want it.

You can dream big when taking photographs. You can express yourself in colorful shots that have nothing to do with your face. Doing so will open a world of other possibilities and you will truly start to look at the world through the eyes of a photographer. You will be able to reach for and see the world around you in a whole new way. Isn’t that what matters most?

Using Art to Create a Bathroom Oasis

oasisWhen you walk into your bathroom, do you feel it is an area that you wish you could avoid visiting or do you feel the troubles of the day melting away? Some people go into the bathroom and feel that to spend any more time in there than necessary is a waste of time. They are unhappy with the room. Those same people could enjoy it a little more if they would consider using art to create a bathroom oasis.

Creating an Oasis in the Bathroom

bathroom oasisThe bathroom is an area of our home that is used because nature says that we need to take care of certain things. These mandatory bathroom items are not the most glamorous. They include toilets, sinks, and showers. Tubs are in some bathrooms, but not all and some have tubs but no shower. They are serviceable items. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can go about creating an oasis in the bathroom if you are willing to get creative. Most of the ideas do not have to cost a small fortune. You can use paintings, plants, and a variety of other small items to create a spa within your own bathroom.

The Art You Love

home spaGreen plants are a perfect decor for the bathroom. They make the room feel more spacious, which is great for smaller sized bathrooms. To compliment the plant life, you may also want to consider adding photos. Pictures of women dressed in fancy clothing, kids being kids, seashells and ocean views, and many other types of paintings will look great in your bathroom. If you like the idea of beach-y bathroom decor, you can add real seashells in vases or set randomly on shelves. You may also consider adding fun quotes to the walls to give yourself and your guests something to enjoy or chuckle over. There are also ways to upgrade the “facilities”. You can do this by adding new faucets in complimenting colors or finding a new toilet that makes your bathroom function more efficiently. You can easily find the best dual flush toilet reviews on Toilet Review Guide and find one that will fit your budget.

More Extreme Makeovers

A lot of spa bathrooms have tiles on the walls that mimic rocks and stones. This goes along well with the idea of green plants since it can give the bathroom the feel of being outdoors instead of in the smallest room of your home. There are also people who have frosted windows, large mirrors, and other features in their bathroom. These things can increase the natural light in your bathroom. If you do not already have a window, you can create an imitation one near your tub and paint an outdoorsy scene on the glass panes. This can make it as though you have a window and make the room feel spacious. The truth is, your creativity is your only limit in the bathroom. You can create anything you want within this room. Are you ready to see what you can turn your rest room into?

Painting the Perfect Bathroom

woman on toiletIn most homes, the bathroom is the most unremarkable area there is. Many of them are small places that are filled with things that are more useful than decorative. However, in some other bathrooms, you will find that there are some pretty obscure decorations, but these paintings make the bathroom a more enjoyable place to be somehow. It could even be interesting for you. It involves taking a new spin on creativity because you will be painting the perfect bathroom scene to use as decor for your own bathroom.

Obscure Illustrations

kids on pottyWe think of the bathroom as a taboo kind of area, but throughout history, there have been paintings, photos, and other types of artwork that has become famous for being set in the bathroom. Most of these paintings offer very little in the form of actual details, but they give you a hint of what the person is doing while they are in the bathroom. Others may show a woman’s body with a little more detail, but still not enough to make it offensive to younger eyes.  These paintings include people bathing or during times when they are answering nature’s call. These paintings are considered beautiful by many people, even though the people in them should have been enjoying a moment of privacy.

The Paintings of Private Moments

woman in tubThere are paintings of kids who are perhaps learning to go potty and there are numerous paintings of women bathing. Some of these paintings date back into the 1800s and earlier. The paintings of women have always been considered erotic and the ones that include children are considered cute by most anyone. If you have a good idea of what the human body looks like, you will not have to invade on anyone’s privacy to paint the human form during those times. You can imagine them as they would be sitting, perhaps using a squatty potty classic, and not reveal anything that is overly intimate, but it would give your guests or your family something to look at while they are in your bathroom.

Why Do We Love Bathroom Scenes?

Most all of us go into a bathroom, do what we have to do, and leave. We may not consider how we look when shaving our legs or our face, washing our hair, or doing any of the other routines that we do in the bathroom. By painting a photo of someone doing those things, one of those simple things that everyone must do sometimes, you may feel drawn to the painting. You may find the humor in it or you may find it appealing on some other level. Perhaps you can show that the person is lost in thought while soaking in the tub, or absently staring out of a window while taking care of their personal needs. These are things that we all tend to do, without thinking, but you can paint it and capture the moment of relaxation. It is something that artwork tries to capture and with a creative mind, perhaps you will be able to do so yourself.

Painting A Different Landscape

Painting LandscapesPainting is a great hobby to have. You can create a masterpiece of virtually anything that you see while making it your own; especially when it comes to landscapes. All that you need is a little inspiration and a focal point that draws your attention. Luckily, there are a lot of landscapes to explore and with a little creative thinking, you will soon be painting a different landscape.

The Landscapes Your Eyes See

Paulownia Tree LandscapeWhen looking around outdoors, you have a lot to see. You may enjoy a landscape that has buildings, mountains, trees, the ocean, and more. These can all be beautiful to see and with a little imagination; you can paint it even better. By using a bold color palate, you can add color on even the most basic visual images. For instance, you can paint a sunset reflection in a window of a building to offset the building a little more. You can also add birds to an ocean scene, trees on a mountain top, or anything else that you want to do. It is all a part of being an artist. You take something basic and turn it into something beautiful. However, it is easier if you can find something that is picture perfect from the start and the easiest way to do this is by finding a landscape that holds uniquely beautiful trees.

The Beauty of a Tree

We look at trees as something that is just a part of the background. We rarely see them as a focal point, even when looking through artist’s eyes. However, this can change when you find a unique tree like the paulownia. If you are lucky enough to find one of these trees in full bloom, you will truly have a unique landscape image to paint. A great thing about this type of tree is that the paulownia tree growth rate is fast enough that you will be able to watch it change throughout the seasons. You could paint a picture of it several times and never paint the same or similar. It isn’t the only tree that is unique and beautiful, though. Wisteria trees, the rainbow eucalyptus, and cherry blossom trees are all great trees to paint since they are all boldly colored. This makes it easy for you, the artist, to make them the focal point of a landscape.

A Different Landscape

cherry blossom tree landscapesLandscape paintings are perhaps the easiest to paint. They give you a variety of colors if you take in the sky, the focal point, and the grass. You can change it and mix it up to create a world that you would like to see, even if it isn’t the one that is right in front of you. Some painters need to see a little beauty in the landscape to give their mind something to build on, some stay as true to the image that they see as possible, and others simply close their eyes and see a landscape that exists only in their mind until they put it on the canvas. Which type of landscape painting do you enjoy?

A New Spin on Old Painting Techniques

Painting in watercolor isn’t always about the canvas and the brush. It can go much deeper than that. It can become a bold masterpiece with tons of colors that pop brightly or it can be a much more calming type of painting. The possibilities are endless and some people prefer watercolors over oil because of their extreme versatility. Have you ever considered putting a new spin on old painting techniques? Doing so could give you another way to express the creativity of your mind.

Creative Paintings with Water

wet on wet watercolorsWith watercolors, you can create a picture using wet on wet. This means the canvas surface and the paints can both have moisture in them. By doing this, your painting will take on a softer look. The different colors will mix together rather than have hard edges and you will not have to worry about trying to blend colors since they will do it naturally. As the canvas dries a little, you will begin to see more hard lines and some people enjoy watching things take shape as a mixture of both.

If this doesn’t give your picture enough of a dramatic result, you can also spray water on the finished painting. Some people use a spray bottle or droppers to wet certain areas of their painting. If you do this, you may lose some of the more personal touches, but the end result will be well worth it.

Play with Texture

Dry Pastel with WatercolorsIt is relatively easy to paint texture with water colors, but you can take it up a notch. You can do this by using a support that resists water or using water-resistant stuff that you put on the canvas. Adding drawings or accentuating some of the edges will further give you more texture and does not take a lot of effort. There are many people who also enjoy using watercolor paper texture to get more from their painted surfaces. Dry pastels can also give your painting something special that may not have been seen before. The dry pastels change as they become damp and in changing, they become one of a kind in their appearance. They are excellent for adding in unique highlights.

Create a Dream World

abstract butterfly

What could be cooler than creating a dream? You can use watercolors to do it if you want to play with something unique. For instance, you can paint a picture of a bird or a kitten using hard lines of paint so that it looks real in many ways. However, once that is done, you can create an abstract background where nothing truly looks real or makes sense. Some people prefer to paint the abstract first and then go over it with the real artwork. The technique you choose is going to be based on personal preferences, but both will work well. You can also use the abstract idea to create a painting that is real and abstract all at once. For example, a woman’s face that has eyes, nose, mouth, and even hair that is painted proportionally, but the line of her face is obscure. It gives her a bit of mystery, especially if you use water to further blur the lines of reality.

Painting a New Kind of Water Scene

Everyone has seen the painted landscapes that capture your eye and take you to a peaceful frame of mind. They are great because of the fact that they are often filled with color. They have movement built into the water scene, whether it is rolling waves, light bouncing off the water in random patterns, or trees that blow in the wind. They have shadows which may be simply variations in the color of the water. What if you could paint a new kind of water scene? Something that is perhaps much harder to do and more fun than calming?

Paint a Park

toddler splashingYou can consider using water in ways that do not specifically focus on the water aspect of the painting. A water park scene will focus on the water, but also on deeper things. The slides that are there, the crowds of people having a great time, or even a single person standing under a man-made waterfall with shock showing on their face. This type of painting will challenge your abilities because it takes away the landscape feature. You have to paint specifics rather than simple colors. To do this type of painting, you will definitely need either a great imagination or a real photograph that you can paint a picture of. Your ability to paint people, dogs, or other things will also be put to the test.

Swimming Pools and More

shower paintingIt isn’t often that someone paints a picture that is based on a swimming pool scene or even a shower scene. The truth is, pools can be very pretty if you pay close attention to the landscaping and people around it. Shower scenes may seem too private to paint, but the truth is, you can create a shower scene that is comforting or fun instead of private. A child using a kid’s shower head for the first time and the shock on their face when water first shoots into it or even an outdoor shower that is located in a tropical paradise. If you want detail specific outdoor showers, you can contact a local plumber for advice. There are plenty of plumbers in Spring Hill FL that can help you learn how to make it work and how to make it look great.

Combining All the Best

splashing childThere are some artists who choose to focus only on the water landscapes. You can do this best if you add in a few figures along the shore or river banks. A curious toddler getting splashed by waves or a woman showering after a dip in the beach. These are not intimate moments, but they can draw more of a response from people than simply having a landscape to focus on. It shows the beauty of simple moments that we all see and take for granted, often without seeing it as something that is truly beautiful. If you want, you can combine several different elements of the same type of watery scenes. If you can dream it, you can paint it, and chances are good that someone will fall in love with the effort that you have put into it.

Perfect Waterways & Rivers

rough water artWhen you think about a painting that you have created; you most likely do not think about the imperfections of it. This is because those imperfections do not exist to your mind. Artists tend to erase the parts that they do not find appealing and emphasize the parts that they love. It is the main reason that people say that the artist’s touch is magical, even in its imperfection.

Abstract Realizations

abstract artIf you enjoy painting abstracts, you do it because it is creating something that is untouchable. Your mind holds an image and you put it on the canvas. It is an illusion that your mind enjoys and even if it is something that is loosely based on reality; it still has your unique touch. It may be a mixture of color or shapes, odd angles, and colorful blends. It should appear to be something from a dream that you once had and in many ways; it is going to be just that.

The Realest Paintings Come Alive

realistic artIf you are a painter of landscapes, there may still be a hint of a dream mixed in, but it could be based more strongly on realistic places that you have seen. Maybe you haven’t seen it in reality, but you have seen enough of it to know that it is a place that you would feel at peace. Perhaps it is a beach scene with a shrimp boat or a lighthouse off in the distance. It could be a lake or a riverbed that screams serenity to anyone who could find it. Or maybe its an action scene of an aquatic weed harvesting machine beautifying the waterway. You may attempt to create a movement within the water or the trees.  The choices are yours. You can create anything that your mind sees and if you want to leave the weeds to make it look like an untouched by human hands appeal, you can do that as well.

Capture the Moment and Hold on to It

realistic paintingsYou can create beautiful works of art using the artist touch. Whether it is the first attempt at painting or photography or you have been doing it for years; your mind is what matters the most. As humans, we all see beauty through different eyes. Whereas someone may enjoy looking at storm clouds in the sky against green trees, another may only enjoy sunny days. Some creators of art prefer sunrises and others want to capture sunsets pure beauty. If you enjoy sunrises, you could create an image of awakening. Birds, squirrels, and humans waking up in a world that only exists to you. Those who enjoy sunsets may do the opposite. Both are beautiful to the creator and both can be appealing to others. If you see something that is beautiful, perhaps too beautiful for your mind to create at that moment, you should take a photo of it if you can. This will allow you to capture that moment and make it something you can hang on to until you are ready to put its beauty on canvas.