Painting a New Kind of Water Scene

Everyone has seen the painted landscapes that capture your eye and take you to a peaceful frame of mind. They are great because of the fact that they are often filled with color. They have movement built into the water scene, whether it is rolling waves, light bouncing off the water in random patterns, or trees that blow in the wind. They have shadows which may be simply variations in the color of the water. What if you could paint a new kind of water scene? Something that is perhaps much harder to do and more fun than calming?

Paint a Park

toddler splashingYou can consider using water in ways that do not specifically focus on the water aspect of the painting. A water park scene will focus on the water, but also on deeper things. The slides that are there, the crowds of people having a great time, or even a single person standing under a man-made waterfall with shock showing on their face. This type of painting will challenge your abilities because it takes away the landscape feature. You have to paint specifics rather than simple colors. To do this type of painting, you will definitely need either a great imagination or a real photograph that you can paint a picture of. Your ability to paint people, dogs, or other things will also be put to the test.

Swimming Pools and More

shower paintingIt isn’t often that someone paints a picture that is based on a swimming pool scene or even a shower scene. The truth is, pools can be very pretty if you pay close attention to the landscaping and people around it. Shower scenes may seem too private to paint, but the truth is, you can create a shower scene that is comforting or fun instead of private. A child using a kid’s shower head for the first time and the shock on their face when water first shoots into it or even an outdoor shower that is located in a tropical paradise. If you want detail specific outdoor showers, you can contact a local plumber for advice. There are plenty of plumbers in Spring Hill FL that can help you learn how to make it work and how to make it look great.

Combining All the Best

splashing childThere are some artists who choose to focus only on the water landscapes. You can do this best if you add in a few figures along the shore or river banks. A curious toddler getting splashed by waves or a woman showering after a dip in the beach. These are not intimate moments, but they can draw more of a response from people than simply having a landscape to focus on. It shows the beauty of simple moments that we all see and take for granted, often without seeing it as something that is truly beautiful. If you want, you can combine several different elements of the same type of watery scenes. If you can dream it, you can paint it, and chances are good that someone will fall in love with the effort that you have put into it.