Painting A Different Landscape

Painting LandscapesPainting is a great hobby to have. You can create a masterpiece of virtually anything that you see while making it your own; especially when it comes to landscapes. All that you need is a little inspiration and a focal point that draws your attention. Luckily, there are a lot of landscapes to explore and with a little creative thinking, you will soon be painting a different landscape.

The Landscapes Your Eyes See

Paulownia Tree LandscapeWhen looking around outdoors, you have a lot to see. You may enjoy a landscape that has buildings, mountains, trees, the ocean, and more. These can all be beautiful to see and with a little imagination; you can paint it even better. By using a bold color palate, you can add color on even the most basic visual images. For instance, you can paint a sunset reflection in a window of a building to offset the building a little more. You can also add birds to an ocean scene, trees on a mountain top, or anything else that you want to do. It is all a part of being an artist. You take something basic and turn it into something beautiful. However, it is easier if you can find something that is picture perfect from the start and the easiest way to do this is by finding a landscape that holds uniquely beautiful trees.

The Beauty of a Tree

We look at trees as something that is just a part of the background. We rarely see them as a focal point, even when looking through artist’s eyes. However, this can change when you find a unique tree like the paulownia. If you are lucky enough to find one of these trees in full bloom, you will truly have a unique landscape image to paint. A great thing about this type of tree is that the paulownia tree growth rate is fast enough that you will be able to watch it change throughout the seasons. You could paint a picture of it several times and never paint the same or similar. It isn’t the only tree that is unique and beautiful, though. Wisteria trees, the rainbow eucalyptus, and cherry blossom trees are all great trees to paint since they are all boldly colored. This makes it easy for you, the artist, to make them the focal point of a landscape.

A Different Landscape

cherry blossom tree landscapesLandscape paintings are perhaps the easiest to paint. They give you a variety of colors if you take in the sky, the focal point, and the grass. You can change it and mix it up to create a world that you would like to see, even if it isn’t the one that is right in front of you. Some painters need to see a little beauty in the landscape to give their mind something to build on, some stay as true to the image that they see as possible, and others simply close their eyes and see a landscape that exists only in their mind until they put it on the canvas. Which type of landscape painting do you enjoy?