Express Your Creativity with Abstract Watercolors

Do you love expressing your creativity with bold colors and painting? If so, you are definitely in the right place to explore what you can do with your creative mind using paints. There are a lot of watercolor techniques for you to explore. Each of them will add more layers to your potential and allow you to go further than you ever dreamed; especially if you enjoy the abstracts. Are you ready to see what your creativity can do?

The Beauty of Abstract Watercolors

Abstract art is loved most by people who want color. It is typically going to end up being bold splashes of color that have no real purpose. However, if you would rather have an actual image to focus on, you can do that as well. Try creating a bird that is multi colored and have the background be done in the same way. Realistic creations look great with a little paint splatter on them as well and it could be the key for anyone who wants to get started working with abstract creations. It is also a great way to add texture to otherwise normally colored paintings and make snowy scenes more realistic.

Watery Water Colors

There are times when you may simply want to play around and see the creations that you can make. You may think it is strange to add more water to water colors, but it can also create an amazing piece of artwork. You simply need to spray your canvas with a spray bottle while it is lying on a flat surface. You then drop your most favorite colors in globs onto the surface. Water and paints will combine and you will be able to watch as the colors take on a life of their own. The first few attempts may look a little strange to you, but as you practice with various amounts of water and different color combinations closer or further apart, you will soon create a masterpiece you are happy to show off. To give your watery photo a more unique look, you can also use a straw and air to change the way the water flows across your canvas.

Pen and Paint

The great thing about watercolors is the fact that you can easily use pens to create lines and then paint over them. The original lines will be visible through the paint and you can trick the eyes into seeing what you want them to without making it obvious. It may make a viewer feel as though they are seeing things through a dream and this is the true reason people love abstract; so it is a win-win situation to use this technique. This can also be useful when creating the watery blooms because you will be able to turn them into flowers.