Beautiful Landscape Painting

You can paint a nature scene using an image that is in your mind, a photograph of nature, or something you are actually looking at. The hardest one will be painting what you see as you see it since the lighting will constantly change and the shadows will lengthen. It is also why many people find a paint worthy area and then snap a photo of it to preserve it while they are painting. A photo doesn’t change and you may even be able to take that photo back to your home where you can paint where you are most comfortable. Will you enjoy painting beautiful landscape paintings? What will you paint?

Getting Your Start

Obviously, inspiration is what will matter most. The scene is very important. What will the focal point be? Will you paint a winter tree or a creek? A beach sunset or fall colors? Once you have an image in mind, you will need to start putting it on canvas. Some people prefer to rough sketch their focal points using a pencil since it can be erased if they make mistakes. It is especially useful when using acrylic paints.

Adding Your Colors

Your color choices will be easy enough to choose if you are painting it true to life and what you are seeing. Some people choose to change it up and add more to the photo by personalizing the scene in some way. Whichever you choose, you will want to get your color palate within easy reach and have a variety of brushes available so that you can create the different textures that will be in your painting.

Fill It with Beauty

Even a scene that you are looking at can be changed to suit your mood. In landscape paintings, you have the ability to add or remove things. If you have a tree during winter in the photograph or in real life, you can add to it. Perhaps a snowman should be under that tree or a snow-covered swing. In summer landscapes, you can add flowers or take away certain aspects of it that you do not feel are necessary. In short, you can do whatever you want, because it is your nature scene. All you have to do is fill it with the beauty you have inside your mind.