Painting the Perfect Bathroom

woman on toiletIn most homes, the bathroom is the most unremarkable area there is. Many of them are small places that are filled with things that are more useful than decorative. However, in some other bathrooms, you will find that there are some pretty obscure decorations, but these paintings make the bathroom a more enjoyable place to be somehow. It could even be interesting for you. It involves taking a new spin on creativity because you will be painting the perfect bathroom scene to use as decor for your own bathroom.

Obscure Illustrations

kids on pottyWe think of the bathroom as a taboo kind of area, but throughout history, there have been paintings, photos, and other types of artwork that has become famous for being set in the bathroom. Most of these paintings offer very little in the form of actual details, but they give you a hint of what the person is doing while they are in the bathroom. Others may show a woman’s body with a little more detail, but still not enough to make it offensive to younger eyes.  These paintings include people bathing or during times when they are answering nature’s call. These paintings are considered beautiful by many people, even though the people in them should have been enjoying a moment of privacy.

The Paintings of Private Moments

woman in tubThere are paintings of kids who are perhaps learning to go potty and there are numerous paintings of women bathing. Some of these paintings date back into the 1800s and earlier. The paintings of women have always been considered erotic and the ones that include children are considered cute by most anyone. If you have a good idea of what the human body looks like, you will not have to invade on anyone’s privacy to paint the human form during those times. You can imagine them as they would be sitting, perhaps using a squatty potty classic, and not reveal anything that is overly intimate, but it would give your guests or your family something to look at while they are in your bathroom.

Why Do We Love Bathroom Scenes?

Most all of us go into a bathroom, do what we have to do, and leave. We may not consider how we look when shaving our legs or our face, washing our hair, or doing any of the other routines that we do in the bathroom. By painting a photo of someone doing those things, one of those simple things that everyone must do sometimes, you may feel drawn to the painting. You may find the humor in it or you may find it appealing on some other level. Perhaps you can show that the person is lost in thought while soaking in the tub, or absently staring out of a window while taking care of their personal needs. These are things that we all tend to do, without thinking, but you can paint it and capture the moment of relaxation. It is something that artwork tries to capture and with a creative mind, perhaps you will be able to do so yourself.