Colorful Photography

The idea behind all forms of art is self-expression. Perhaps you are having a dark day where you are feeling kind of down and you choose to use paint or photographs to express yourself. This may mean that your photographs are black and white or other darkened colors. On other days, you may be feeling bold and colorful. The only way to achieve this is to search for ways to give your pictures the most color you can. Luckily, this is easy enough to do. Do you know how to take colorful photos of the things and the world around you?

Simply Colorful

The easiest way to get color is to put color in front of your camera lens. You can do this using a variety of colorful crayons or colored pencils, but you can also do it in other ways that will be equally as easy to do. You simply have to find the colors that look great together and the right lighting to give it life. It may be crayons, hair bows, chairs, glitter colors, or any type of glass or metal that will catch colors and give them new life.

Oily Water Drops

Water drops are fascinating. They combination of water being poured into a tub or anything is amazing to water. More so if you have a little food coloring, lighting, and oil mixed in. If you are able to capture it on film, you will have something that is truly one of a kind and depending on the colors that you are using; truly unique in every way. This works best if you have a large bowl or even a fish tank that you can pour colored water into. You may also want to color the water that in being held to give you even more of a contrast or use other techniques to change the way it will look.

Nature’s Beautiful Colors

If you prefer to not set the stage for your colorful photography, you can always take a natural approach to it. A field of flowers, a beach scene, a sunrise or sunset, and any number of other things can be stunning when captured in a photograph. You will be making the most of nature’s beauty by attempting to capture these shots. The problem is, everything will be dependent on the natural lighting that nature provides you with as well and that beautiful moment may be gone before you can take another shot of it. This means that you may have to work at capturing the photo that will make it all worthwhile, but eventually you will get it the way that you want it.

You can dream big when taking photographs. You can express yourself in colorful shots that have nothing to do with your face. Doing so will open a world of other possibilities and you will truly start to look at the world through the eyes of a photographer. You will be able to reach for and see the world around you in a whole new way. Isn’t that what matters most?