Perfect Waterways & Rivers

rough water artWhen you think about a painting that you have created; you most likely do not think about the imperfections of it. This is because those imperfections do not exist to your mind. Artists tend to erase the parts that they do not find appealing and emphasize the parts that they love. It is the main reason that people say that the artist’s touch is magical, even in its imperfection.

Abstract Realizations

abstract artIf you enjoy painting abstracts, you do it because it is creating something that is untouchable. Your mind holds an image and you put it on the canvas. It is an illusion that your mind enjoys and even if it is something that is loosely based on reality; it still has your unique touch. It may be a mixture of color or shapes, odd angles, and colorful blends. It should appear to be something from a dream that you once had and in many ways; it is going to be just that.

The Realest Paintings Come Alive

realistic artIf you are a painter of landscapes, there may still be a hint of a dream mixed in, but it could be based more strongly on realistic places that you have seen. Maybe you haven’t seen it in reality, but you have seen enough of it to know that it is a place that you would feel at peace. Perhaps it is a beach scene with a shrimp boat or a lighthouse off in the distance. It could be a lake or a riverbed that screams serenity to anyone who could find it. Or maybe its an action scene of an aquatic weed harvesting machine beautifying the waterway. You may attempt to create a movement within the water or the trees.  The choices are yours. You can create anything that your mind sees and if you want to leave the weeds to make it look like an untouched by human hands appeal, you can do that as well.

Capture the Moment and Hold on to It

realistic paintingsYou can create beautiful works of art using the artist touch. Whether it is the first attempt at painting or photography or you have been doing it for years; your mind is what matters the most. As humans, we all see beauty through different eyes. Whereas someone may enjoy looking at storm clouds in the sky against green trees, another may only enjoy sunny days. Some creators of art prefer sunrises and others want to capture sunsets pure beauty. If you enjoy sunrises, you could create an image of awakening. Birds, squirrels, and humans waking up in a world that only exists to you. Those who enjoy sunsets may do the opposite. Both are beautiful to the creator and both can be appealing to others. If you see something that is beautiful, perhaps too beautiful for your mind to create at that moment, you should take a photo of it if you can. This will allow you to capture that moment and make it something you can hang on to until you are ready to put its beauty on canvas.